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LED Chase Strip RGB controller

Parameters of the controller

Working voltage: DC12V or DC24V

Working current :< 60mA

Operation temperature: -20 ° C to 60 ° C.

Dimension: L100*W70*H25 mm

Effectiveness modes: 114pcs

Maximum control points:” "Low-speed 512 points/High-speed 1024 points"(Model:Th2010A

TH2010-B) and "Low-speed 1024 points/High-speed 2048 points"(Model:TH2010-AA


The distance between the controller and the first point of the strip: Slow Mode<30m, high

mode<10m (suggest using shielding wire when more than 5 m), if the distance beyond this range,

you should add "TTL to 485"Module

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