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WB02 - FD001-10W

LED Flood 10 Watt

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LED Type : High Lumens Energy saving COB LED

Flux : 900lm ±10%

Power Consumption : 10 Watt ±15%

Input Voltage : AC180-240V \ 50-60HZ

Color Temperature :

  • White (5700-6200K)
  • Warm White (2700-3200K)


Beam Angle (degrees) : 120°

Working Temperature : -25° to +50°

Shell Material : Aluminum Alloy


Features :

  • For replace traditional Halogen lamp.
  • Safe, energy saving and environmental friendly.
  • Life span up to 50.000 hours.




Notice :

  • To ensure the feature of water-resistance, unauthorized personnel will not be allowed to disassemble wall washer construction.
  • The safety working temperature is -20°C~40°C deg. Celsius. Make the product work in the circumstances with this temperature range. Otherwise the product will break down or components inside may have a shorter life span. The average temperature on the product body is 42 deg. Celsius. It is suggested the product is installed beyond the direct hand touch on the metal body.
  • Don’t give a stress on the front surface of the glass with more than 0.2MPa/m.