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WB02 - LC - 0RGB - D5 - 01A

LED controller with touch interface and Remote touch panel

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Input voltage: DC12/24V
Output channel: RGB three channels
Output current: 6A per channel
Output power: 216W (12V input) /432W (24V input)
Waterproof: IP65

Function Descriptions
1. 16 color patterns, for example, seven colors static (individually adjustable), jump, and
gradual change (with pausing function)
2. 50 levels of brightness adjustment
3. 50 levels of speed regulation

Color Patterns:

1. Static red

2. Static green

3. Static blue

4. Static yellow

5. Static purple

6. Static cyan

7. Static white

8. Seven-color jump

9. Red gradual change

10. Green gradual change

11. Blue gradual change

12. Yellow gradual change

13. Purple gradual change

14. Cyan gradual change

15. White gradual change

16. Seven-color gradual change